Ministry of National Education General Directorate of Higher Education and Overseas Education 5000 Students in 5 Years Project

Foreign language education (General English, Academic English, TOEFL Test of English as a Foreign Language, IELTS International English Language Testing System) of the students who will study abroad within the scope of the law no. continues in. Our university (School of Foreign Languages) took an active role in this project, which enabled thousands of young people to receive postgraduate education with the law no.

Our school has uninterruptedly taken responsibility for all studies within the scope of this project, and was ranked first among the Domestic Language Courses (11 universities) in 2014-2015, surpassing other universities in terms of education quality, opportunities provided and many other criteria. This success has been achieved with the devoted work of our team, the great care our school has shown to this project, and the endless support our university has shown for this project. The successful conclusion of the work and dedication shown is a source of pride for our university.

All of the scholars who have participated in the Domestic Language course we have provided since the day we took part in this project have succeeded in getting the scores that will continue their education within the assigned training period.

Good educational planning and a devoted working environment have played a major role in this success achieved by the efforts of our school and its scholars. Within the scope of the project, the curriculum is prepared by expert lecturers. Taking into account the experience of lecturers and lecturers who have been working in these courses for years, and the feedback of the scholars, the necessary training materials are determined and an examination plan is prepared in accordance with all these.

Dokuz Eylul University School of Foreign Languages has contributed to the retention of hundreds of thousands of dollars transferred for foreign language preparatory education abroad by providing the foreign language education that YLSY scholars need in their graduate education in the country and at high quality.


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