Academic Units

Level Coordination Unit

Preparatory Course Coordination Offices are established to ensure sound and orderly management of preparatory courses conducted under the Foreign Language Preparatory Department. Preparatory Course Coordination Offices are divided into certain sub-groups in order to provide better service to our students.

  1. English Language Level Coordination
  2. French and German Language Level Coordination

Preparatory Course Coordination Offices are responsible for preparation of the Level Determination and Exemption tests at the beginning of each academic year, monthly tests, quizzes and final exams applied during the academic year, and other various Foreign Language tests required by the Rectorate and to oversee conduct of these tests in accord with rules and directives.Preparatory Course Coordination Offices group students slated for preparatory courses in classes by their levels according to the results of the Level Determination and Exemption tests at the beginning of each academic year.

Contact Details of Preparatory Coordination Office

  • English Language Level Coordination Office
  • Tel: 0 (232 )301 08 40
  • German Language Coordination Office
  • Tel: 0 (232) 301 08 54
  • French Language Coordination Office
  • Tel: 0 (232) 301 08 56


Professional Development Unit

DEU School of Foreign Languages places emphasis on constant learning and development of teaching staff. Professional Development Unit (PDU) has been formed in order to prepare a development program according to the concern and requirements of lecturers for the said purpose. Professional Development Unit aims to create a positive environment by prioritizing professional development and cooperation in our School and to increase the teaching quality in the class by equipping the instructors with required skills and technics. Professional Development Unit also organizes seminar and workshops held according to the requirements so that the foreign language teachers working in primary and high schools can follow the developments in the field and improve the skills of teaching.

PDU also holds interinstitutional professional development seminars to enable foreign language teachers working in primary and secondary schools within Ministry of National Education to bounce ideas off each other and follow the developments in foreign language teaching.




The PDU is a committee which has been created to advance and facilitate the knowledge and teaching skills of the SoFL teaching staff according to their needs by organizing a variety of innovative, collaborative and up to date workshops, seminars and research studies.


Job description


– To manage the Professional Development Unit

– To organize in-service training and development programs in line with the needs of faculty  members to improve the quality of education in the School of Foreign Languages

– To coordinate workshops, seminars and research and teacher development projects

– To establish effective communication with the Heads of Departments and other  coordinators

– To contribute to the administrative and professional development of the School of Foreign   Languages

– To orientate new members of SoFL staff

– To provide information about upcoming events, distribute surveys and inform staff about   the latest developments in teaching via online platforms.

Workshop and Seminar Titles


  • Classroom Management Fundamentals
  • Learner types/styles
  • Task-based learning
  • Learner Motivation and Engagement
  • Blended Learning / Flipped Learning
  • Mindfulness for the Art of Teaching
  • Teaching Vocabulary
  • Game based learning
  • Creative Writing
  • Storytelling in the Classroom
  • Storyline in the Classroom
  • Creative Reading
  • Drama in the classroom
  • Adapting the Course Book/Curriculum
  • Speaking strategies
  • Effective listening


Unit Members

Instructor Özlem Aktaş (President), Instructor Elgiz Kan Çelenay, Instructor Nigel Ashley


Testing Unit

The following tests are prepared by the Testing Unit:


  • Final Examinations
  • Trials for Final Examinations
  • Make-ups
  • Erasmus exams
  • Mevlana exams
  • Placement tests
  • Quizzes and Monthly Exams


Measurement and Evaluation Unit

Measurement and Evaluation Unit determines whether implemented education program is successful or not and which subjects are learnt in what extent, the resource of failure in case of any failure. During the academic year, the unit defines in which subjects the students have deficiencies with quizzes and midterm exams.

Measurement and Evaluation Unit evaluates quizzes, midterm exams, and final exams during the academic year; and exemption and placement tests in the beginning of the term that are developed by the Testing Unit. It interprets the points taken from these exams, evaluates the results and gives feedback. Measurement and Evaluation Unit carries out student satisfaction survey every year. Students can clearly write their ideas and thoughts in this survey.

Curriculum and Material Development Unit

Curriculum and Material Development Unit is responsible for determining level objectives and informing the instructors and students about them. The unit determines the class hours for each course and makes necessary changes in the preparatory program throughout the academic year. The unit also prepares supplementary materials in accordance with the needs of instructors and students to support course book content.

Program Committee

Program Committee prepares teachers’ weekly programs and makes necessary changes during the academic year.

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